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Sunday Services, 11am

April 5:  Dying & Rising, Rev. Nancy Hitt and Dana Sanford.

April 12:  The Snake in the Grass, Rev. Nancy Hitt.

April 19:  Earth Day, Donna Johnston and Julia Fankuchen. Multigenerational Service in honor of our home, Earth. Stories, Songs, Visual Play, and Promises.

April 26:  Why BirdSing, Rev. Julia Fankuchen. UUs are seekers. Few of us are ready to declare that we know “Why” we exist or “What” life is about, but we’re searching. This service will include a brief introduction to some new ideas which are offered to us by “Process Theology.”

May 3:  FloweCommunion, Rev. Julia Fankuchen. A Multigenerational service of flowers, poetry and music, honoring our own growing, active community, as well as Rev. Norbert Capek, who designed the original celebration. Please bring flowers to exchange !

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