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UUWC is a Welcoming and Green Sanctuary

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Adult REBuilding Your Own Religion- Sundays. 9:30am in our Library

Services Sundays at 11am

UNITEENZ 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 7pm

YOGA, times below


4th Fridays at 6:30

4th Fridays at 6:30



SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th, 8-9:30am, JOIN the UUWC team for Keep Rio Rancho Beautiful’s Toss No Mas Community Cleanup 2014

at Los Milagros Park, 400 Colorado Mountain Road – constructing tree wells, weed eradication, litter removal, and mulch spreading.

AND AT 10am-noon, UUWC CONNECTS: Reviewing progress and strategizing what’s next on our 2013 Plan.



Sunday Services in September, 11am

Sept 7:    “Making Water Holy,”  the Rev. Julia Fankuchen

This is our annual Water Ceremony, and we are each invited to participate.  Please bring a few drops  of water from your summer adventures to pour into a common bowl: a few drips from watering the garden, an ounce from  the family cruise down the the Yangtze, a small splash from a puddle left after the rain. We’ll weave our stories together and begin another cycle of celebration.


Sept 14:  “Five Dollars is Five Dollars,”  the Rev. Julia Fankuchen

Living a life you are proud of requires thoughtful, constant reflection and deep commitment. Stewardship is a particular discipline for creating and sustaining the communities you care about.


Sept 21:  “Entering Autumn,” the Rev. Carole Eagleheart

Celebrate and examine the season of turning within.


Sept 28“Justice at the Gates,”  the Rev. Julia Fankuchen

In honor of the Jewish High Holy Days we will talk about law and community in ancient Israel. At the gate of every city there was a municipal court that made decisions for the city and its inhabitants. Everyone, particularly those who were at the margins, participated in the work of the courts, the shalom of community.





Not quite up to this? No worries, try YOGA at UUWC

M & Th, 10am

W, 9:30am

Tu & Th, 2pm

1st class $5.


UUWC’s Board of Directors meets the 2nd Sunday of each month at 12:30pm in our Library. Members are welcome.

UUWC supports STOREHOUSE WEST (non-perishable foods collected each 1st Sunday) and HAVEN HOUSE (donations of personal sized toiletries welcome).

UUWC GREEN accepts cell phones, non-alkaloid batteries and ink cartridges for recycling. Cell phones go to families served by HAVEN HOUSE.

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